Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!!

Perhaps you read my helpful indicator for teachers earlier this week. I am glad to report I’ve updated it with a few lines from Levi’s first grade teacher and her twin sister. They are the real deal. And they’re hilarious too.

Frankly, I have a more experience as a mom than a teacher. So, just in case you’re so sleep deprived and harried, that you can’t remember whether or not you’re a mom, I devised a simple indicator.
You Might be a Mom...

1.       If your purse doubles as a trash can, you might be a mom.

2.       If you carry baby wipes in your purse and vehicle long after your babies are grown, you might be a mom.

3.       If the sight of a potty chair evokes strong emotions of nostalgia, angst or the urge to yank down the pants of the nearest toddler, you might be a mom.

4.       If an extended hospitalization sounds like a vacation, you might be a mom.

5.       If you’ve ever been secretly relieved when a strep-test came back positive-knowing you’d be headed home with a precious bottle of antibiotics and all afflicted parties would be feeling better in 24 hours or less—you might be a mom.

6.       If you have mixed emotions about the sound of silence—alternately euphoria and dread—you might be a mom.

7.       If jumping on the trampoline is no longer a “care free” activity, you might be a mom.

8.       If you were a blubbering puddle of tears 15 minutes into Toy Story 3, you might be a mom.

9.       If you can leap from the front seat of your mini-van to the third row in a single bound and make a diving catch in order to rescue the upholstery from your carsick child, you might be a mom.

10.   If you’ve ever used your food processor in the garage during your child’s nap time to keep from waking him with the ear-splitting, vegetable-chopping noises, you might be a mom.

Your turn…

Happy Mother’s Day, Mamas!

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