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at Scenic Imaging
While some women might have a scrapbooking table, a knitting basket or craft closet equipped with all manner of supplies, I have a blog and words are the medium I've splashed on this electronic canvas.

Permission to be Real is a creative space to entertain and engage about the real, honest and sometimes goofy subjects of life.
Some of the subject matter is the result of my marriage to an hilarious introvert and the fact that we bore three sons in less than three years—a fact that still takes my breath away!

Though I've had some “formal education” and experience as a foster mother, occasional substitute teacher, aspiring writer, and recovering runner, the School of Motherhood is where I've been transformed.
The School of Motherhood has offered a ten year (and counting) intensive course where I've learned 9,000 things I thought I already knew. I've pulled some all-nighters, taken some shortcuts, and employed temporary solutions. I've failed several courses, but have also enjoyed some really goofy electives.
I've had to ask for extra help with most of the courses. Sometimes students are the teachers and sometimes my own children are the lesson.

But in striving, failing and persevering through motherhood and life, Jesus Christ has been my faithful friend. In His extravagant love He offers an exchange: When I've dumped my heart’s garbage at His feet and begged for His aid in disposing of it, He takes out my trash and exchanges it for His grace.

This beautiful artwork was created by the very talented Julie Chen
of Life Verse Designs.  Please visit her gallery and store here.

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