Monday, November 12, 2012

On Being Thankful When the Glass is Half-Empty

Winter 2010. Who is that masked man?
Don't know for sure. One of my boys.

Some might call me a “glass half-empty” kinda girl. And I can’t deny it. I am certainly bent in that direction.

When a school activity theme dictates blue Jell-O for snack, I can’t really get excited. Know why? Because I’m too busy filing through my mental index of laundry cleaners to determine which one best removes blue Jell-O from white shirts.

And when it snows in November it’s hard to think of anything but the five months of winter weather ahead.

But I've had some practice being thankful in my “half-empty” moments.

For example, if the glass is half empty, I’m thankful there’s only half the mess to clean up when it spills.

And when 4 laundry cleaners fail to get blue Jell-O out of a white shirt, I'm thankful I have an extra cleaning rag.

So when it snowed on Saturday, and I’m staring down at least 5 months of winter weather, I came up with a few reasons to be thankful even in the “half-empty” moment.

I’m thankful for snow in November because…

1. I’m now in the mood for Christmas music.
2. No more sweaty summer hat  (Not to worry. Bad hair days can be disguised with a stocking hat).
3. I can skip exercise on the days I shovel snow.
4. With all the snow pants, hats and gloves in the dryer, there is more room in our storage closet.
5. I love four-wheel-drive.

To be honest, because I’m all about being honest, I had a hard time coming up with those. Would anyone care to add a few more to the list?

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  1. I am thankful for snow because it means that all the bugs and creepy crawlies like spiders die. Or at least I think they do. If we didn't have snow and cold weather, they'd continue to grow and probably get as big as grapefruit, and that is something I just can't get behind.